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Sanitary problems are quite common in everyday life, if you see any phenomenon of this kind there,

it must be treated without further delay and quickly dial 0484 / 70.96.56 to make an appointment.


If you have a problem on your walls, floors, ceilings? A problem of humidity? Mold?

It is possible that you are a victim of a water leak. You can then appeal to us so that we can arrange that.


Our emergency number is 0489 / 70.98.98 and we intervene within 30 minutes.


The bathroom, for example, occupies an important place in our apartment or our house. We would like to have a nice bathroom to take care of us comfortably. Unfortunately, it happens that one of our sanitary equipment is out of order or defective.


To counter this, you must call in a sanitary specialist. We are here for any sanitary installation or repair:

  • sink installation

  • toilet / WC  installation

  • shower installation

  • bathtub installation

  • sanitary plumbing installation

  • heating system

  • sanitary repair heating

  • sanitary troubleshooting

  • sink repair

  • WC / toilet  repair

  • sanitary repair

  • sanitary renovation

  • sanitary troubleshooting


Like many of our customers, you will be satisfied with the work provided by our plumber technicians. Do not wait to contact us at 0484 / 70.96.56 we are at your service 24/7.  Our sanitary company is the best on the market.


Your sanitary installer or sanitary repairer will be at your home quickly for a quick and efficient job. Wherever you are, they will move to help you out!


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