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Terms & Conditions

1.1. The general conditions of sale are applicable to all orders of services which are passed to the company SOS 247, established at rue des hirondelles, No. 1, box 3 B-1000 Brussels, hereinafter called SOS 247. 1.2. These general conditions of sale are applicable only, excluding the general or special conditions of the customer that SOS 247 has not expressly accepted in writing. 1.3. SOS 247 may modify these terms and conditions at any time. However, the conditions communicated at the time of the order remain applicable for this order. The customer is supposed to have become aware of it, to have accepted all the clauses and renounced to invoke its conditions of purchase. 2.1. Unless otherwise stipulated in the special conditions of SOS 247, the validity period of our offers is one month. 2.2. Any order that has not been preceded by a written offer from SOS 247, will only bind the company if a written acceptance has been sent by SOS 247. 2.3. Our agents or representatives do not have power of representation. The sales they negotiate therefore only become firm once SOS 247 sends a written acceptance of the order. 3.1.The prices of SOS 247 are denominated in euros, excluding VAT. Any increase in VAT or any new tax that would be imposed between the time of the order and the time of delivery will be borne by the customer. 3.2. The prices of SOS 247 are intended only for the provision of services described in the special conditions to the exclusion of all other works and services. If these are ordered by the customer, they will be charged in addition to the price provided in the special conditions. 3.3. Depending on the degree of insalubrity for work performed, the legal increase will be applied to our intervention packages. 3.4. The use of machines for specific work such as unblocking, drilling, descaling and the use of scaffolding, nacelles, large ladders and others are not included in our hourly rates and will be billed additionally. 3.5. Services resulting from examination, disassembly, reassembly, transportation are always the responsibility of the customer even if he waives the performance of the work for which we have been consulted. 3.6. Any hour as well as quarter of an hour is due. A price increase of 50% will be applied for the services carried out between 17H to 22H, and of 100% for those carried out in week of 22H with 8H, weekends, holidays and legal holidays. 3.7.Packages related to emergency work not including travel can range from € 200 to € 1200 the first hour or package and are established at the place of intervention depending on the nature of the work requested by the client in writing or verbally. These typically include troubleshooting or leakage research, repair, and various trips related to the purchase of parts from suppliers. 3.8.The amount of the trip can range from 120 € to 450 € from 8h to 18h and from 180 € to 450 € for the hour from 18h to 8h only in emergency even in the event of a repair impossible to solve. 3.9. The displacement is indebted in any case, even for quote or without intervention or cancellation by the client from 30min after the request to intervene in the context of a request to intervene expressly to intervene the same day of the request. 3.10. The first hour of intervention is 220 € between 8 am and 16h and 280 € after 16h. 3.11. There is a supplement to pay of 120 € when there is an emergency intervention. 4.1. Invoices are payable in cash, in the invoicing currency, at the head office of SOS 247 (IBAN: BE48 0015 2111 7927). In addition, it will also be possible for the customer to pay either in cash or by bank card. 4.2. Client: The person who ordered the work is responsible for the payment. 4.3. Any claim relating to an invoice must be sent in writing to the head office of SOS 247, seven calendar days after receipt. Otherwise, the customer will no longer be able to dispute this invoice. 4.4. In the event of failure to pay an invoice at the due date, payment of all invoices will become due immediately. 4.5. Any reminder sent to the customer who has not paid the integrity of his invoice, may lead to an increase in fees by mail sent, without prejudice to any costs of our collection agency (intrum justitia) who will also be charged client. The fees to be paid in case of late payment is 10% of the amount with a minimum of 50 € and 8% interest annually. 4.6. The customer can not invoke the time of execution to request the termination of the contract, claim damages or other claims, unless otherwise agreed in writing expressly accepted by SOS 247. 5.1. The customer will make sure that the work area is accessible, and that the places where the materials are laid and stored are clean and unobstructed. 5.2. The customer will provide our staff with water supply at city pressure and a power supply with earth and fuses, and for the duration of the work. 5.3. The buildings where the works will be carried out and their contents will be insured by the client against the risk of fire, theft or vandalism up to the amount of sufficient capital. The client releases us from any liability in this regard. 5.4. Services: the customer is urged to take into account the time of entry and exit, the duration of the outward and return journey, depending on the circumstances, the movement of the vehicle, the handling of the file, the time necessary for the preparation of equipment and tools, as well as for its reinstallation; elements that define the total duration of the service. Unless otherwise stipulated in the special conditions of SOS 247, the warranty is valid for the entire duration of the contract, unless otherwise stated. 7.1. SOS 247 declines any responsibility in case of interruption of service beyond its control. Force majeure: any circumstance beyond our control that prevents us from meeting our obligations allows us to cancel our contracts in whole or in part without compensation and we are exempt from our responsibility. This is the case, without this list being exhaustive, of the lack of material, the lack of delivery of the subcontractor or the supplier, the bankruptcy of these, the power failure or water, the strike , war, riots, bad weather, fires, broken machinery or vehicles. 7.2. When the provision of services is completed, SOS 247 no longer assumes any responsibility for the consequences of its intervention, as defined in the service offer. 7.3. In any case, the liability of SOS 247 is limited to the amount of the contract. 7.4. The customer assumes full responsibility vis-à-vis third parties, especially neighbors, damages that are the inevitable corollary of the execution of work, if no fault can be blamed. 7.5. Any disassembly is performed under the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer insures the risks of the configuration of the premises and compliance with the existing standards without the responsibility of SOS 247 or its staff being engaged in any manner whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever. 7.6. We do not accept any liability for soot damage if no specific fault can be attributed to us. 7.7. Connections to boilers, water heaters, boilers are in all cases to be performed and / or checked by a licensed electrician. 7.8. The unblocking of the pipes is considered to be perfectly executed when the technician makes it known several times by the customer that the flow is done freely, and, has his delivery slip signed by the customer. 7.9. Intervention, delivery and execution times are indicative without obligation on our part. Any modification of these could not be invoked by the customer to justify a refusal of payment or a claim for damages. The Service Provider undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992, relating to the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, modified by the law of 11 December 1998. 9.1. SOS 247 is entitled to solve the sale, by right, by a notification to the customer by registered letter, in case of serious non-performance by the customer of one of its contractual obligations, in particular if he is late payment of an invoice of more than 30 calendar days or if it proves that it will not execute or seriously risk not performing one of its main obligations, even before this obligation is due. 9.2. In case of resolution of the sale pursuant to the above paragraph, the customer will be liable to SOS 247 unilaterally set damages (sales price or hourly price). 9.3. Retention of title clause and termination clause: Materials and parts of any kind provided to the customer in connection with a sale or a business contract will become the property of the latter only after payment account of all the claims against him. In case of bankruptcy of the client, he will be obliged to immediately inform the management of SOS 247 so that it can avail itself of its retention of title clause and bring its claim before the closing of the minutes of claiming claims. It is expressly agreed that any movable property sold or placed by SOS 247 can not be considered immovable by incorporation.9.4. By signing the right of intervention, the client or his representative waives the right to challenge the performance of the services provided. Any absence of the customer at the time of signing implies acceptance of the services provided. 10. Any dispute or claim must be received by registered letter within 48 hours of completion of the work ordered or delivery of materials, after this time, there is foreclosure. Any dispute directly or indirectly relating to the contractual relations of SOS 247 with the customer is the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels sitting in French language. Any sale of products or any service provided by the Company is governed by Belgian law.



  • Price list :


Displacement Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00: 120 € 
Displacement  Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 08:00: 180 € 
Displacement weekends and holidays: 180 € 
Intervention: It all depends on the nature of the intervention. 
For any appointment, no emergency supplement. 
Appointment: 60 € - Same day appointment: 80 € 
Intervention: Depends on the nature of the intervention 
First hour of intervention from 220 €

* Possibility of increase: when urgent services, number of technicians on site.

Diagnostic: from 75 € 
Leak detection / hour: 499 € 
High pressure machine / hour: 680 € 
Curage / hour: 399 € 
Sewer and pipeline cleaning / hour: 415 € 
Manual leak detection / hour: 499 € 
Detection with thermal camera / hour: 1250 € 
Cold water source detection / hour: 1450 € 
Welding / hour: 1450 € 
Replacement water heater: from 850 € 
Boiler replacement: from € 850 
24 kW boiler replacement: from 1500 € 
Replacement of a radiator: from 650 €